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Hover tooltip needed for thumbnail descriptions


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I'm using Daminion 0.9.6 build 650.



One of the things that was in Picajet FX, but which I miss in Daminion, is a tooltip expansion of any item displayed under a thumbnail photo when the cursor is hovered over that item. For example in Daminion, if the "Description" is somewhat lengthy, it will be cut off when the text reaches the vertical defined by the right-hand edge of the thumbnail. In Picajet FX, the entire Description would have been presented in a tooltip display. (I don't recall if there was a description in PicaJet FX, but the tooltip expansion worked for anything displayed beneath the thumbnail.)


I realize that the Description can be seen in the Properties window, but that only shows the properties for selected photos. The hover tooltip worked for photos that weren't selected. I don't quite understand why this very nice and very helpful feature was eliminated in Daminion.


Any chance of getting it back?

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