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679 - Bug in Advanced search with mouse


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I wanted to do this selection through keyboard (using Alt key and right clic) but seems there is a bug here.



So, right click and select "Hide file .MOV Alt + Clic"



Now, I expected to exlude Gif format with "Alt" key and right clic but that's not possible!!!

You can see sometimes a glitch (furtive) right menu. (for Gif choices, I presume.)

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You can see the same problem on other Windows applications with Alt + Right Click.



To show all items excluding the selected item:

Hold Alt key and Left Click on a tag



To exclude the selected items from the current query results:

Hold Ctrl + Alt keys and Left Click to a tag

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I think you missed the problem. (sorry my english is not so good for such subtle behaviour )

Just for example, I would like to exclude .MOV and exclude .GIF file format.

Here is (at least) two ways to do this. (One is working, the second not)


A/ Working way

First, exclude GIF format.

Alt + Left clic on .GIF format.


Now, I would like to exclude also .MOV format.

Ctrl + Alt + Left clic on .MOV format.


Now GIF and MOV formats are excluded. (ok)


B/ Non working way :

- Show All has been selected.

First, exclude GIF format.

Right + Clic on GIF Format and select Hide file with GIF

Ok, Gif are now excluded.


Now, I would like to exclude also .MOV format.

Ctrl + Alt + Left clic on .MOV format. (same as done in A example)


It exclude .MOV format but also deselect 'exclude GIF format' !!!


Is this 'strange' behaviour due to Windows or Daminion ?

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