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Minimum Thumbnail size


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I guess some people uses some relative small screen (13/15") with Daminion. (and not a 22" or higer screen)

With such 'small' screen size, it would be nice to decrease a bit more minimum thumbnail size displayable.

This will give more thumbnails displayed in one screen page.


Example 1 : (before)



Example 1 : (after)



Yes, I agree an automatic display compromise will have to be done when thumbnail size is too small to be able to dispaly thumbnail caption. (no more space available)

In this case, when thumbnail size is too small, Daminion would not display anymore user's caption choices. (and display it again when thumbnail size is big enough for that)


Here is an example :

'big' thumbnail size (smaller actual size):



smaller thumbnail size : (no more captions are displayed)



Yes, with such behaviour this will give a bit more possibility at Daminion.

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This might be reflected in the program's performance.


But as a workaround you can:


- Locate this folder (by Ctrl + F12 in Daminion):

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\SettingsCache\


- Close Daminion


- Find an xml file in the above folder that contains:




And changed the min size.


- Restart Daminion

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Thanks for the infos.

Works pretty well vith 60 pixels.


After a Ctrl+F12, I searched and displayed only files which contained "ThumbnailMinWidth".

As there was lot of files I only changed the last 4 more modified recent files.


I wonder if these settings will be still there when a Daminion update will be applied ?


Would be nice to add this minimum thumbnail setting (60px) in next updates ?

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