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Wasted Screen Space


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Hi Murat,


My screen wastes a lot of space around the image when viewing certain images (I think lower resolution, based on their creation date):




Is there a way to have these images stretched to cover the grey area, like high resolution images? (I suspect this should be the default option.)





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Hi Mammut,


It turns out I agree and disagree on the default. When I'm first doing assignments in my images, I use a huge 65" plasma TV. And it's wonderful. I can easily, quickly, and casually rip through images and get them all tagged and sorted (leaving all that grey makes me feel like I should use a 14" monitor!).


When it comes to my photo editing, I use a color matched monitor, and I probably want authentic view then.


I suspect Daminion is serving up some kind of cache of an image anyway to keep response timely.


Either way, it'd be nice to be able to select "Auto Stretch" or "Not" - and I think the casual user would still prefer the default to be Autostretch. Leave it to pros like you to unselect that option. :-)


My $.02,



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The not too small images can be look better on a TV, yeah, but I think that most people are using monitors when they're organizing their images.

On a monitor anyone can see the upscaling artifacts, and sometimes you don't know first that the image is bad quality (so delete it) or you just see the upscaling errors. It can lead to errors.


I'm not a "pro". :)





PS: And imagine a project where the are word documents, images, and little profile images which are let's say 200x300 resolutions. Those would be especially ugly. :)

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please don't forget that Daminion doesn't render the preview for all formats. As fas as I understood it, e.g. it extracts the embedded preview from the RAW formats and doesn't render the original.

Regarding this example it is 640x480. You see the artefacts on a monitor screen with 1920x1200.


Regards, Uwe

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