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Better Tagging


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I see in Daminion a very good potential. I like the search functions, the storage in the meta data, the slenderness of the program with no picture editor etc.


But in my opinion the tagging of pictures must be improved. The radiobuttons on the right side of catalog tags are very good. Why not, checkboxes on the left side to have possibility to tag easy pictures. I expand the categorys and for each picture i can click or unclick very fast the checkboxes. Further you can see very fast, where tags are present. Especially when the category name would be mark colored, when the categories are not expanded.


Sorry i'm not a native english speaker.



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On the early Daminion prototypes we added this feature - Tree with two modes. First mode is to display the search results and the second mode is to quickly assign multiple tags by checkboxes.


Anyway this feature is presented in our feature list.


Thanks for all your suggestions.

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I second the request for this functionality and think I already mentioned it myself somewhere.


But then again its just a convenience feature and not a bug or missing core functionality. And while I would really miss it - I could live without it. From the impression I am getting about the development I am pretty optimistic that it wont be forgotten and added in due time once the more imported things are finished.


...and once Daminion reaches RC state we still can bug Murat about forgotten stuff ;)

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