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Assign Tags mode


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I didn't find some documentation on how to use 'Assign Tag' mode.


What I understand is :

- Select several images

- Switch to Assign Tags mode. (available with right clic under any Keyword)


Now just clic onto a keyword into the list to assign it at selected images.


One question, what about if you have 400 keyword in the list !!!

How to find the right one in this long list in order to assign it in 'Assign tags' mode ?


When using 'Filter tags' field (on top of Catalog tag panel), it filters on everything available but you are not anymore under 'Assign tags" mode!


Well, this filter tag field would be nice to filter keyword when using 'Assign tags' mode.


I think I'm missing something here.

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Hi Alain,


Filtering tags should be used for searching only. For quickly locating and assigning please use the Properties panel. It supports using back slash '\' to search for hierarchical tags and comma ',' to add multiple tags at once.


Btw the Catalog Tags panel will be switched to the Assign Mode automatically after dragging images to tags.

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