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644 : thumbnail scrolling zoom bar


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It would be nice if you clic below scolling button bar (red mark) to increase thumbnail size.

This is particulary true when using a laptop with no mouse. (only key pad)

This would avoid to use and keep left button pressed while moving cursor down.


I think this feature is already implemented because when you clic below thumbnail (red mark), size is changing only once. (not increasing a bit at each clic)



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mmh, Sorry but that's a bit fast!

I mean, if you clic a bottom vertical slide bar, you got instantanly the full thumbnail size!!!


Well, I expected (for a software) a smooth result, same as you can have in any window with large vertical scrolling bar. (try this with an explorer)

If you clic at bottom of vertical sliding bar, you scroll down your window (and expect to increase thumbnail size) step by step.


I agree this is a detail....



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