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Color Management of the Secondary Monitor


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I have a setup with laptop screen (sRGB), and Eizo ColorEdge monitor. I decided to take advantage of the larger color gamut of my monitor, and export my photos in AdobeRGB instead of sRGB. Windows shows the color profile of the laptop screen as sRGB, and the Eizo monitor as AdobeRGB. When I uploaded a test image in Daminion that has out of sRGB gamut colors, it doesn't show correctly on my secondary screen. When I go to Edit > Preferences ... > Color Management, it shows me Display Profile sRGB. If I click Customize I end to Windows display profile settings that have correct profiles for the primary and secondary screen. How can I change Daminion to use the correct display profile on my secondary screen. I have attached a test image that should show text ColorEdge when displayed on AdobeRGB profile. (EDIT: here is the link to the image, it looks like the forum does something to the image.)

When I searched the forum, I noticed a similar question was raised already earlier. 



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Added link to the example image as the inserted image has lost the color profile.
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When I converted the png file to jpg, it works correctly. But, even when I tick in Apply Display Color Profile both preview images and display thumbnails the catalog window doesn't show the text. I tried also to update the thumbnail, but it didn't help. Also, it is confusing that the dialog box shows Display Profile as sRGB, even when it is AdobeRGB.



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It looks like the color management works also on the secondary screen, it just isn't visible in the preferences dialog. I used this test image that just shows the pink rectangle, if it is not color managed. I switched my secondary monitor to sRGB, and changed the color profile in Windows, and I could see the text the same way as I could see it on my laptop screen (screen #1) that is only sRGB.

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