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8.4 - File without time zone information in the metadata


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since version 8.4 I have had problems with files without time zone information. This applies, for example, to all documents created using a scanner. I have attached three examples (PDF, JPG, TIF) in the appendix. When scanning, I give the files the name that corresponds to the date/time in the document (e.g. theater tickets, tickets, etc.) e.g. 20230921_200000.ext. For documents e.g. from tourism offices (brochures etc) I take a date on which we arrived in this city and a time e.g. 20230921_230000.ext. As the next step, I write the following data using the ExifTool command: -overwrite_original "-EXIF:datetimeoriginal<filename" "-EXIF:createdate<filename" "-XMP:createdate<filename" "-XMP:datecreated<filename" "-XMP:datetimeoriginal<filename" "-PDF:createdate<filename" "-FileCreateDate<xmp-exif:DateTimeOriginal" {Filename} When importing through Daminion, DateTimeOriginal is not adopted unchanged, but rather the time zone of the Daminion server is read at the time of import (currently UTC+2) and all time information is shifted by +2. In the examples the catalog therefore says 20230921_220000 and 20230922_010000 - in this case the file is also stored in the wrong folder (not 20230921 or 20230922). Does this mean that after the time change the CreationDateTime will be changed again by the "read tags from file" action? And if I have the catalog on the laptop and travel to a different time zone, update the files, etc. I get different date and time information again?
Since I didn't have this problem with all versions before 8.4, I would like to ask other users how do you deal with it? Can you import these examples into your catalogue and tell me please what happens? Simply add time zone information to the ExifTool command?

Regards, Uwe


20230921_120000.pdf 20230921_120000.tif

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