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deleting, moving sidecar-files


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On the subject of deleting, moving files, I have a question:

The way I see it, deleting files doesn't move or delete sidecar files, right?

Sidecar files are e.g. in my system xmp files, dop files (DxO) or cos files (C1)

How do you handle deleting/moving such files?

best regards


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from the Daminion point of view only the XMP files are sidecar files (for RAW or video files). All other files are "ordinary" files and have to be handled manually by the user. There are "special" files, similar to sidecar files: the "*.ext.thumb.jpg" files. E.g., I manage "gpx files" (e.g. test.gpx) in Daminion but "gpx" is an unknown format and has the common icon for unknown formats in the thumbnail view panel. The "sidecar file test.gpx.thumb.jpg" overlays the icon for the unknown gpx format with the content of the jpg file and is managed by Daminion.

Regards, Uwe

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Hello Uwe,

thanks for the answer. Then I have to see that I find my way how to handle it.

Since I process a lot of RAWs with Capture One, I have to check whether packing the settings into a test.eip file in C1 is a way. C1 then packs the RAW with all the settings into an .eip file. You can copy, move and unpack them in another folder. A preview image can also be created here with a test.thumb.jpg file.

Regards, Matthias

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