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2988 - 3010 - catalog table files.offline = true


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since more than a year I use a small Python program to check if all files from the specified folders are in the Daminion catalog.
I use the following query within the program:
read_query = ("SELECT relativepath, fi.filename from files as fi "
                  "join mediaitems as mi on fi.id = mi.id "
                  " where fi.offline = false and mi.deleted = false Order BY relativepath, fi.filename")
Because of a new computer I switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and restored the backup of the catalogs created under W10. Now I had to notice that at the moment about 700 files (before the number was = 0) from different folders are "allegedly" not in the catalog - but they are. The reason for the files "allegedly" not being in the catalog is: in the table "files" is offline = true for these files, in the table "mediaitems" is deleted = false.
Is there any known explanation for the fact that the files are marked as offline?

Regards, Uwe

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