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Suggestion : images from selected folder


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That's quite nice when a photo is selected to colorise it's folder name.

On the other side, I think it would be nice when a folder is selected (blue color) to also put a blue border on images which are located inn this selected folder.

Yes, you can filter all images of this folder but in this case you see only these images (4 in this example) and you loose overview thumbnail.


Also, in oder to stay in color scheme logic, I would be more logic to put a red border on selected photo.(instead of yellow border.)


Here is a screen copy.


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Hi Alain,


Active tags will be highlighted by green-olive color, because we receive too many questions what does the red-colored tags means.


Selection of the files instead of filtering them is an interesting idea, bug I am afraid it's not be possible to implement it in the near future because it might requires some architecture changes and due to a long list of the must-have features.



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