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Dear Community, 

even though, i experienced a lot of problems since the Facial Recognition got enabled, I would like to request, to have it working on mobile as well! My mother mostly uses her iPad and hence that, it would be awesome, if it would work there as well!


Further suggestions

  1. folder by folder in order to reduce server load and to help admins to get all faces properly tagged! If I knew, the photos scanned right now, are from my mothers family, i would have a different view as well as the server can focus on certain people! imagne! 10000 photos from my mothers side and the same from my fathers side, if I knew the folder, i could ask my respective parent to sit down with me to tag! 
  2. like rescanning folder feature, we can focus on certain folders! I photographed friend gradfuation from higher school i hae thousands of photos  with faces, i could more easely vote out people!
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