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Need help with locating an issue with the quick search feature


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In some cases, Daminion expects a performance degradation when searching for files via Quick Search on catalogs with more than 100k files per catalog and many tags. It works slow. 

However, it happens occasionally, and it is tricky to reproduce it in our environment.

If someone expects the same problem please kindly contact us. 

Thanks in advance.

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4 hours ago, Murat said:

If someone expects the same problem please kindly contact us. 

Not sure this helps, Murat:

I wrote a couple of Python scripts which are able to search for items in the catalog. The result is a list of item IDs written to the clipboard. When I paste those IDs to the into the quick search field, I normally get the result in less than a second, even pasting hundreds of IDs. However, when I say 'normally' this means, I only check 'Item Id' under 'Look in' and make sure, no other tag is selected. If instead, I select 'Filename' (or forgot to uncheck it after a previous search!), the search takes significantly longer. Furthermore, this method even works fine when you paste thousands of IDs at once, but will timeout, if 'Filename', 'Everywhere' or any other tags is checked.


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