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Transfer pictures to a new place


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I have saved all pictures on my hard disk and Daminion knows it. Now I´d like transfer all this pictures to an external HD because it is safer. What must I do that Daminion finds this fotos in the same catalog. How must/can I set a new folder - I doesnt find´it.

Regards Wolfgang

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It depends from where your catalog file is located.


If both, the local catalog file and imported files are located on the same folder, let's say on the D:\PHOTOGRAPHS then just copy this folder to an external folder.


If some imported folders and files are located outside of the catalog based folder, you need to reimport these folders, or wait until we'll add an option to relink the missing folders.

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I'd glad to place db file near other files, but Daminion creates a hidden folder with thumbs and sometimes different temp files, so I decided to put db into the separate folder and now have the same issue)


Storing catalog and images on the same folders gives you an ability to move your folder with image archive later to a new location. Without extra efforts, because Daminion can store relative paths to the importing files.


We create two hidden folders ~Thumbs and ~Versions on the same folder where catalog file located for two reasons:

1. It provides the best performance of thumbnails loading.

2. You can backup just catalog files without large thumbnails folder (althouth in our days a few extra gigabytes is a not big problem)


If the catalog and images located on different locations then as I said above you need to reimport these folders, or wait until we'll add an option to relink the missing folders.

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Hmm, looks like I misunderstood something.

Let say I have folder "Test" with bunch of media files and folders inside.

If I create folder "db" inside of "Test" and create new catalog inside "db" - should I relink imported from "Test" files?

I'm asking because I have folder structure like this and moved folder "Test" to another place, after that Rescan Folders is not working (I'm trying to start it, but nothing happens) and I see old path in the "Folder" section.

"Locate in Explorer" works fine though.

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You can move the "Test" folder to a new location and all should works.


Although there is a minor bug that might confuse you: Daminion does not update the Folder property in the "Catalog Tags" and "Properties" panel, so you see the initially imported folder. It shouldn't be reflected on viewing and working with imported images.


We'll fix it soon.

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