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Relink all Photos in Relink option


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35 minutes ago, Len said:

fail to relink the whole Folder

What exactly does fail for you, Len?  According to my understanding, you can relink a folder, if you moved an entire folder from one drive to another while leaving the content of the folder intact. I just tried it successfully with a small folder.

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24 minutes ago, Len said:

do the whole folder in one go

For example, if you moved some images from one folder to another or renamed them, Daminion doesn't have any information to relink all automatically and indeed for each media item you need to either point to the correct file or enter its correct name and path.

In any case, I realized it is the best not to touch the folder structure after import. If you want to rename one or more images, you can do this in Daminion and there is no reason to relink.

In your case it is more important now to understand what exactly happened why Daminion lost the link.

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