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PostgreSql Server Timeout


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With what queries the server times out?


It will be better for us to optimize the queries, rather than changing the time-out limits, because there are WFC and Client timeouts also.


This issue might be resolved on the next minor update if the problem appears after Folders selection.

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It happens when we select multiple folder groups for categorisation.


I wish I could give you a benchmark (like saying it happens when you select 20 folders or something like that) but I can't.


The queries are more likely to time out when:

  • More than one user is connected
  • Other background tasks like Auto Sync or import is also running
  • Queries increase in complexity

The SQL queries' complexity can be reduced by assigning categories (or other non-folder tags) to groups of images... This worked for me.


You are right - it is an issue with folder tags...

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