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Link to download version 7.0 for Standalone free/Home server/Pro/Standard


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I have just downloaded 7.0.2440 from here.


I haven't looked to see if any earlier bugs have been fixed, or what new bugs have been added.

It still struggles with CR3 being listed as unknown type.

I can still only see the map OR the preview windows, even if both tabs are shown.

State, City and Location property drop downs have stopped working again.

Thumbnail appear to expect square images lots of screen area is wasted when they have any other aspect ratio, such as 3:2 or 4:3 etc. the same applies when fields are empty just the place holder is displayed rather than collapsing the view. I can under stand this for individual images but would be nice where the whole row is affected 🙂

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Dear all,

Regarding links to a new version, I received today this link: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/

I could download from there version 2449.
The drop down feature  for City, Country and Keywords are not working with this version and were working not with 2440 and 2444.


The only positive thing is that the above mentioned link to https://daminion.net/buy-daminion-2/ where you can order "Home for server" ,  "Pro" and "Standard" versions. These versions are useful as entry point to Daminion for families and many non professional users. I still do not understand why Daminion is hiding this information, as it could and should be a way to expand the amount of users dramatically.

Regards, Philippe

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