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  1. Agree. I'd like to upgrade from 5.9, but I don't see any info on the pricing for home users.
  2. Thanks, Daria. I found a free(!) program by iMazing to convert from HEIC to JPG. https://imazing.com/heic This worked well for me.
  3. I'm trying to import photos into Daminion that are in Apple's native HEIC format. Daminion does not recognize these as supported filetypes. I'm using v5.9 (1785). I don't see any references in the Forum topic on latest Daminion builds that suggests that HEIC compatibility has been added. What is the plan to add native compatibility for HEIC?
  4. Murat, when I download the latest versions, Chrome posts a warning: "DaminionSetup-3.5.0....exe is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it." Here's a link to the Google info page: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2898334?p=ib_download_blocked&rd=2 that says: "Software developers: To help protect users, Google maintains a list of websites that are known to host malicious downloads and a list of trusted software publishers. If you're a software publisher and your binaries are flagged by Chrome, learn how to resolve malware or unwanted software issues related to your downloads.
  5. Trying to download the latest version from the thread titled "Latest Daminion Builds", but when I click on the link for 3.5 (1128), it takes me to a Dropbox folder that says it's v Something wrong with the link? Thanks.
  6. Bump. Is anyone successfully importing all still images and videos from an iPhone?
  7. First time posting. When trying to add content from my iPhone, I select "Add files>>Apple Inc. Apple iPhone>>Browse files". Daminion can only find the still images and not the videos. Also, although I selected "Delete source files after successful transfer", the files remained on my iPhone. Are these bugs or am I doing something wrong? Thanks. Config: iPhone 5 with most recent iOS Daminion 3.0.961
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