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  1. Dear all, Regarding links to a new version, I received today this link: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/ I could download from there version 2449. The drop down feature for City, Country and Keywords are not working with this version and were working not with 2440 and 2444. Disappointing. The only positive thing is that the above mentioned link to https://daminion.net/buy-daminion-2/ where you can order "Home for server" , "Pro" and "Standard" versions. These versions are useful as entry point to Daminion for families and many non professional users. I still do
  2. Daria, same problem in April 2021 with Version 7.0 that does not shows up, while I run 6.7 Regards, Philippe
  3. Dear, Could you provide a link to the latest V 7.0 Standalone software version ? Could you add pages about Standalone versions on your Internet site ? Also a link to pricing of Standalone Home server/Pro/Standard versions would be useful. Regards, Philippe
  4. Paul, this is exactly my point. Daminion manages only one date. Daminion uses a limited subset of EXIF/IPTC/XML standard tags. See on this thread a PDF file regarding dates and recommendations. For a picture, the original "Date taken" should be protected and separated from a processing date (scanning date) or picture improvement with Photoshop or whatever) Regards, Philippe
  5. Uwe, I did not realize that you were a super user and not a Daminion person. I will try to redirect some of my questions to Daminion. Thank you for all your suggestions. Philippe
  6. Uwe, any reaction ?? Could you comment the PDF file that I sent in attachment ?? Regards, Philippe
  7. Uwe, I was thinking of the Properties screen for variables. With PhotoStudio, you can use variables to fill for instance: Title: Photo %%filename%%. Brussels market with Christmas tree. Author: %%Author%% Date:%%Date Created%% Result is Photo 80356. Brussels market with Christmas tree. Author: Philippe Date: 2016-12-22 Description: %%Title%% Result is Photo 80356. Brussels market with Christmas tree. Author: Philippe Date: 2016-12-22 See example in attachment (copies of the free version of PhotoStudio) Obviously, this is linked with my request 1) regarding availbilit
  8. Uwe, See document in attachment. I am speakng of two dates, I am using only Original and Modified. In fact three distinct dates should be managed. - Date/time original specifies when a photo was taken - Date/time digitized specifies when an image was digitized - Date/time modified specifies when a file was modified by the user Information for Date/Time (Original): Exif DateTimeOriginal (36867, 0x9003) and SubSecTimeOriginal (37521, 0x9291) IPTC DateCreated (IIM 2:55, 0x0237) and TimeCreated (IIM 2:60, 0x023C) XMP (photoshop:DateCreated) Digitized Date/Time –
  9. Uwe, This is about user friendlynesss and confidence in the tool, I guess. I understand that some updates can be heavy and this is the purpose of these setups and warning messages. But in my case, I would prefer to have the confidence that ALL is always selected, without warning of any kind. If you do a bulk update over a catalog of say 12.000 images, with Daminion, tend to check whether ALL documents were effectively updated. I find a contradiction between the display in chunks of 5000 files and the effective update over ALL files. (what is ALL ? 5000 ? 12000 ?) May be th
  10. Uwe, If your documents come from a camera, date taken is key. If your camera is well set, the date and time should be correct, like GPS data. I am shooting digital since 1999. To keep this date intact is important, as you might have "forgotten" images, or received images from other people. You might decide to process these images days or years after shooting them, but the original date should be recorded. Date created" is another story. If you scan or manipulate a document/file/image the "date created" is the date you used the scanner or say Photoshop. You need papers or other i
  11. Sir, I am now using version 5.0 with a lot of success. I have been used to work with various tools. I have used Extensis and Studioline Photo Basic for many years and find that somme of useful features are missing in Daminion: 1) Full support of IPTC fields. I have seen elsewhere in this forum, that additional IPTC fields would be heavy for Daminion. I would suggest to allow all IPTC fields management in TWO steps: light (as now) and heavy (complete). 2) Dates are not properly managed. Show the tag "Date taken" and "Time taken" This tag should never be updated, as generate
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