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2355 - Truncated Author Tag, IPTC, Exif vs. sidecar XMP, Daminion Mapping rules


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Daminion truncates the length of the tag IPTC:By-line. This results in the tag XMP-dc:Creator, for example, containing the author in the correct length, while the tag IPTC:By-line only contains part of it.
Example, entered in Daminion in the Properties Panel:
"Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine"
IPTC:By-line: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady"
XMP-dc:Creator: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine".
The action "Read tag from file" for now results in two entries for the author. One is the value from IPTC-By-line and the other is the value from XMP-dc:Creator.
In my view, this is doubly wrong, since according to the mapping rules the value from XMP-dc:Creator has higher priority and therefore IPTC-By-line should not have been read.
Daria has the recorded video.

regards, Uwe

Update 13.02.2021:

I have tested a little more. Another bug occurs with RAW-CR2 files. Example:
Author tag on import of CR2 file was: "Max Mstermann". This info is in the Exif data of the CR2 file. Unfortunately, the name of the author was misspelled and must now be corrected to "Max Mustermann". So in the Properties Panel the Author tag is changed accordingly.
Note: In the Admin Panel it is specified that for RAW files the tags are only written in XMP sidecar files and not Exif and XMP.
I.e. in the Exif data of the CR2 file is still wrong: "Max Mstermann" and in the XMP data of the sidecar file: "Max Mustermann".
Result of the action "read tags from file": Both "Max Mstermann" and "Max Mustermann" are displayed in the Properties Panel and also in the Catalogue Panel. Here, the Exif data of the RAW file are read by mistake and not only the sidecar XMP data.



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