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Filtering by tags in groups


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I seem to have lost a functionality, I'm 99% sure I used to be use in Daminion, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Can anyone help?

I seem to recall being able to assign different tags to different photos within a group, and then if I filtered by those tags it would include the group in the results, but only those items that match the filter would appear. Now it seems like unless all the photos inside match the tag the entire group won't show up. For example, lets say I tagged one photo with "Alice", one with "Bob", and a third with both "Alice" and "Bob", and then put all 3 photos into a single group. Previously if I had set the tag filter for "Alice" it would show among the results a group of 2 photos, which I could expand to view both that were tagged with Alice, but now that if any of the photos in the group are missing the Alice tag then none of them will show up if I filter by it. Oddly, the search results counter in the bottom left still includes them in the count, but they don't show up (it says "4 of 48 items" but only 2 are displayed).


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Daminion 6.4 (2099)

It's a local catalog.

I've been using a number of different kinds of tags including rating, author, people, and custom tags (all feature this behavior).


After a bit more investigation I discovered that the ability of the entire group to show up is based on whether or not the top photo of the stack has the tag I'm searching for, if it does the stack remains visible (but when expanded only the those that share the filtered tag remains) but if the top one does not have the tag none of them show up, even if photos below it do have the tag. I suppose I could just apply every tag in a group to the top photo to make sure they remain visible (and maybe this is what I did in the past and I'm just misremembering not needing to) but it's not the best workaround, and if anyone can verify if this is an intended behavior or if there is a way around it I'd appreciate it.

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