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Tag Assignment Dialog


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Can the tag assignment process run on a thread separate from the main application?


At the moment the process runs in a modal dialog on the main application's thread. This prevents you from using the application until the process of assigning tags is complete...


This is going to become an issue... especially when you bring in the larger result sets (more than 1000 records at a time).


SBTW how is that coming along?

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Does the Auto-sync with metadata feature is turned off?

Auto Sync being on or off does not impact the tag assigning. It is slow in both cases..I don't think you understand what I am suggesting...I am suggesting that assigning tags and the program GUI should use asynchronous processes. At the moment the assigning tags call is made and runs on the same thread as the main GUI. This means that the main GUI can not be used while tag assigning is in progress. There is a modal dialog that prevents access to the GUI until the tag assigning is complete (100%).


I suggest that assigning tags run in the background so that we (busy users) can continue working and not have to waste 30 sec - 1 min watching the progress indicators. If I add this time (waiting for tag assignment process) up over a year, I am sure that I wait weeks watching the progress indicator...


I have uploaded to the FTP folder a screen recording of this...

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I understand your suggestion. Need some time to think about this improvement.


Thanks for the video.


BTW, I see the active background syncing process on your video.

And because it requires very intensive high File I/O operations it drastically reduce the Tag assignment speed.

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