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Locating the catalogs


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I understand that locating the Daminion catalog in the folder (and subfolders) in which the photos reside is the best way so that relative linking can prevail.

What's the best way to do things if I have one catalog but the photos reside in more than one folder at the same level (not subfolders)?


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Are you referring to stand alone or the server version? In either case, I'm not sure if there is any best way, but according to my own experience catalog and and photos can be in completely different folders.  The waste majority of my images reside in D:\photos\yyyy\mm\dd but some are in different sub folders of photos or even in the root or other drives. When I used the the standalone version until two years ago, the catalog was in d:\photos\Daminion catalogs , i.e. at the same level as all the years D:\photos\yyyy. After migrating to the server version, the database resides in D:\PostgreSQL\Data, while the thumbnails are on C:, which is an SSD.

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