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When I go to import(add files) to a empty shared database I get an error that says that "These files (478) were not found or access was denied".

I am adding files through a desktop version connected to the shared "NetCatalog".

Files are on a shared drive that every domain computer and domain user has full access to.

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Daminion Server service and Daminion Client launched by 2 different users.


And even if you can see the importing files within Daminion Client, it doesn't mean that they can be accessed by Daminion Server. The "Local Service" user doesn't have an access to shared folders and files.


So to fix your problem:

1. Please open the "Services" window in Windows, locate Daminion Server service and change the "Log on As" user from "Local Service" to a USER with permissions to read/write on remote shared locations where importing files are located.


2. Create the same USER on the remove PC with the same credentials (user name and password).


3. Restart Daminion Server and try again.


Please let me know if this helps.

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I just wanted to make sure that we are talking about the same thing: do you need to locate the files by folders or to sort the files by folders?


As you know you can navigate to folders by Catalog Tags>Folders





Or do we talk about the sorting option below?:



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You can find the "Folders" in the Catalog Tags pane. Make sure that it is visible (click on the gear icon in the Catalog Tags pane header, navigate to "Customize..." option, and then make sure that Folders tag is checked)


I've added your suggestion about sorting items by Folders into our feature list.

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