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FEATURE REQUEST - Metadata compliance - Tag count OR required metadata in desktop client


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Can we include tag count as a search field with less than and more than operands in desktop client?

As administrators one of the challenges we face is getting an idea of the overall state of metadata in the catalog. There is no easy way to generate reports on the state of metadata. We have to generate endless queries and saved searches to ensure metadata compliance manually in our catalogs.

I know that the web client has a required metadata feature to ensure compliance with metadata policies, but if most users in the organization use the desktop client this policy is simply ignored. Are there any plans to implement this required metadata feature in the desktop client? 

Maybe a staging area (like the webclient) where we can examine assets that do not comply with a rule set OR search for tag count that we can use as an operand in building queries? I know this can not be available on "Everywhere" but it will be a great addition to the search functionality if we can have something like Keywords + "tag count <=" and "tag count >="? This will simply expand and enhance the "is empty" and "is not empty" functionality that we already have in searches.

Administrators are always in the position where we have to estimate how well a catalog is tagged. This can also be incorporated into queries to include reporting functionality regarding metadata compliance.


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