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2056 - select by folders vs select by tag


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e.g. there is this folder structure (one main folder, some sub folders):

--- folder photos
------subfolders YYYY
---------subfolders YYYY_MM
------------subfolders 2020_01_31 (1000 items)
--- folder photobooks
---------photos_photobook01 (100 items)
---------photos_photobook02 (70 items)
--- folder others
---------photos_others01 (20 items)
---------photos_others02 (400 items)


  • there is the "original" item 20200131_120000.tif in the subfolder 2020_01_31 with the People tag = Uwe and Keyword tag = original
  • there is the "child" item 20200131_120000.tif in the folder photos_photobook01 with the People tag = Uwe, no Keyword tag because the "original" item was changed by Photoshop and its "child" is used in the photobook.
  • sort by CreationDateTime or file name

If one select the main folder 01_Photo to see all items: only one item (in this case the item 20200131_120000.tif of the folder photos_photobook01) is displayed in the Thumbnail Window. Where is the item 20200131_120000.tif of the subfolder 2020_01_31????

select by People tag = Uwe: both items 20200131_120000 are displayed in the Thumbnail Window

Regards, Uwe



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