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Hi guys


Could you please add short-cut keys to frequently used actions in workflow:


  • switching views (between thumbnail and detail view) should be a matter of hitting a key, not navigating a menu 3 levels deep.
  • like opening images in external viewer (SBTW the built in viewer sucks it is slow in network environment and only opens one image at a time) locating file in Explorer should also have a short-cut key assigned.

I am sure that other users also have great ideas on short-cut keys for repetitive tasks !!!


Thanks for great support.


Looking forward to a stable Alpha release - any news on a date?




(About productivity of movement >>> If I you spend 2 seconds every minute (in a 9 hour working day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year) reaching for a mouse to navigate menus, you waste 3 full 24 hour days a year reaching for your mouse...) and yes I know I have too much free time if I calculate thing like this LOL...

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Dean, thanks for all of your feedback and for the great case-story.


We can add the following hotkeys:

Switch to Thumbnail View: F9

Switch to Details View: F10

Switch to FilmStrip View: F11

Open file in Explorer: Ctrl + Enter


We'll optimize the speed of rendering images (over network) soon.


Like opening images in external viewer...


You can use V key to open an image in an external viewer, and E key to pass it to an external editor.

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