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Ghostscript upgrades question


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Our IT security folks are requesting the I upgrade Ghostscript from v9.18 - which was installed by the Daminion client to Ghostscript 9.27 (64 bit). Can I just download and run the Ghostscript installer? Or do I need to do something special to keep it "Daminion aware"?



Bobb Menk

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library

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Thanks Murat.

Checking with our Daminion users, we are not using any vector graphics, only bitmap/raster. If IT security insists on either upgrading or uninstalling Ghostscript (and they might do that)

1. Would that cause any trouble for the Daminion client as long as we aren't doing vectors?

2. If we were to ever decide we needed to handl;e vectors, would a Daminion client upgrade or re-install put the required Ghostscript version back in place for us?



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Hi Bobb,

GhostScript is used only for rendering AI and EPS vector images. If your graphic library doesn't contain these 2 formats you can just uninstall GhostScript (via the uninstall programs option). 

It will not impact on any other product's functionaity.

In the future, if you need these format support you can just reinstall Daminion with enabling this option in the installer.

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