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[1933] Ctrl+enter in list view


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Try this :

In list view, in 'Folders' section, add a tag to query by 'Ctrl+Enter' or 'Ctrl + double clic'
Once one tag has been added, try a second 'Ctrl + enter' this should return an error message.
'Ctrl + double click' works well.

'Alt+enter' works well also.

Win 8.1


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This is correctly working, Alain!

The description for "Ctrl+Enter" says: "To add tag to query". It means, this tag is added to the current query.  In other words using the logical and a second condition is added. If you first selected folder1 and than add folder2 to the query, you end up with a query like this one:


This means there is no result, since there a no files residing in folder1 and folder2.

Depending on what you want to search, you can use the advanced options to either change the AND to OR, so you get images form either folder, or you remove the first criteria and you will get the images of the second folder.

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Let's try again to explain the problem :

In list view result :


If I hold 'Ctrl' and then double clic on a line, it add this line to the query (Ok)
If I hold 'Ctrl' and then double clic on another line, it also add this line to the query (Ok)

I got this result (ok)



Now, if I want to do same thing through keyboard with 'Ctrl+enter',



this doesn't work and return this error message :


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4 minutes ago, WilfriedB said:

Finally I was able to reproduce your issue!  :victory:
Normally, I use free floating Tags and Folders panels. If I dock the Folders panel to the left of the main window, I see the same error:

You're right, with free floating Tags and folders panel 'Ctrl+enter' works well. :victory:

With docking panel, this doesn't work any more and create this error message.:negative:

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