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Minimum width map window


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when displaying Map window, minimum width display is quite huge.

It would be nice to squizze a bit more width window map in order to get more space in thumbnail window in laptop screen.


Here is some suggestions :


Reduce width lists :





Choose a shorter text : (also in all other language, it's possible in French)

Reduce field search text width



In final, you could reduce width window map by 1/3, which is quite confortable in small screen as laptop.


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Ok, looks like that behaviour and minimum width depends where you dock it : on red rectangle or blue rectangle.


Seems there is some odd behaviours or displays depending where you dock it.




anyway, minimum width window map is ok depending where you dock it.

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... anyway, minimum width window map is ok depending where you dock it.
I found it is more convenient not dock it, but to use a free floating window for the map (as well as for Tags). When I don't need it instead of closing, I move it to the lower right corner, the most part of it being invisible. I only see the title "Map" and enough space to grab it and move to the center of the screen when I want to use the map.
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