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Can I choose a different location for ~Thumbs?


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Every night I run a backup, that includes the Daminion catalogues.


I have the Daminion catalogues in a folder called (surprise) Daminion and I back up all contents of that folder (I have more than one catalogue in that folder).


In that folder Daminion has also put the (hidden) thumbnail folder ~Thumbs. It turns out that this folder is pretty big. Currently around 20 GB and I only have a fraction of my full catalogue in Daminion. In fact, I only have about 25,000 items there and my full collection is over 225,000 images, which is perhaps a bit worrying.


To my question:


Can I chose to locate ~Thumbs in another folder than the catalogue folder?


I want to run my own nightly backups on all catalogues in the Daminion folder, so selecting that folder for backup would be best. But since that huge ~Thumbs folder is there I have to manually deselect ~Thumbs since I don't need it backed-up. And as you have pointed out, anything that has to be done manually about backups tends to be forgotten..

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