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What are the "_backupXXX.dm~" files?


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I have noticed that when I open a catalogue Daminion creates a number of "backup" files.


For example, if I open a catalogue called "Develops" I then find the following files in the folder where the catalogue - dmc file - is located:






... and some more


Sometimes it is just one such file, or it can be, say, 15.


What are these files and why are they there?


Can I get Daminion to put those files somewhere else? (I don't want them in my catalogue folder since I don't think it is files that I would want to put in my own backup.)

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Hi, these files are automatically created backup files for your catalogs and freír location cannot be changed. Make sure not to delete them (or at least have copies of your catalogs before deleting) in case you need to restore your catalogs at some point - gps example if you accidentally update to a version released after your free updates period had expired.


Kind regards


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