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Feature requests for web client

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I recently upgraded from Standalone to Teams and have been using the web client. Since my primary device is a Mac, the web client has been a huge productivity booster.


That said, there are a few features that I'd love to see come to the web client which I didn't see on the roadmap thread. It's possible that some of these are already available in the web client and I just haven't found them yet. If that's the case please let me know.


- The ability to flag / reject content

- The ability to move content to different folders (this would be huge!)

- Keyboard shortcuts for rating, flag/rejects, and color labels (just like in the desktop client)

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Hi Jason,


The ability to Flag exists in the web client - you just need to dispaly the Flag tag but customizing the Filters panel and assign your files Flaggeg or Rejected by drag&drop.


Your other feature requests we will discuss on our Friday meeting :)


Kind regards,


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