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purging thumbnails from ~Thumbs


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I have all my Daminion catalogues in the same folder, lets call it Daminion-Catalogues.


(I have chosen not to follow the suggestion by Daminion to have the catalogues - dmc files - in the same folder as the media files. The main reason for this is that I want to have my catalogues on my computer and the media files are on a NAS file server.)


Consequently, in the Daminion-Catalogues folder I have a ~Thumbs file with thumbnails that Daminion has created.It is all one ~Thumbs folder although I have several different catalogues. (~Thumbs turns out to be quite huge 20 GB)


I now intend to delete a number catalogues (mainly because they have been test catalogues and I no longer need them).


But I don't want to have my ~Thumbs folder filled with old thumbnails from catalogues that no longer exist (after I have deleted them).


So, my question:


How do I purge the ~Thumbs folder from old and irrelevant thumbnails (and possibly other info that has been put there)?

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Hi, unfortunately purging the Thumbs folder is not possible. What you can do is to delete your thumbs folder, delete your catalogs that you don't need, then in each of the left catalogs regenerate thumbnails by selecting all files by ctrl+A and running the thumbs update command ctrl+b.


This is not a perfect solution, but the only only to get rid of unwanted thumbs :)

Kind regards


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Thanks Daria.


Yes, very far from a good solution. Seems to be something that could be considered for a future feature enhancement. Not sure how long time it will take to regenerate 25k or 200k thumbnails...


In the mean time, I think the conclusion is that you SHOULD ABSOLUTELY have a separate folder for each of your catalogues.

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