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How to display DNG photos processed in Lightroom


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I'm testing Daminion server now for my database of 70k photos in Lightroom.

Big part is in DNG fromat and photo adjustments are done in Lightroom.

I tried to put all the photos (masters) to the Synology drive and index it by Daminion.

It works perfect and bothway exchange of metadata works. Manual triggering of refreshing metadata from files back to Ligtroom is annoying but it works.


Problem is, that the DNG pictures I see in Daminion are not reflecting the processing done in Lightroom.

I know that Lightroom store these alterantions in form of metadata and untouched RAW data in DNG but question is:

Is there any effective way how to allow Daminion display these processed photos?

Maybe some previews/smart previews ... included in DNG can be used by Daminion... What I have to do to display final photos in Daminion? I hope I just missed something.


I'm sure that many people had to solve this already but I failed in digging this from Daminion web site neither from this forum.


All the ways I tried with exporting processed photos in form of JPEGs finally failed due to inability put metadata modified in Daminion back to master files (DNG) in Lightroom.


Thanks for any help.



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Hi Uwe, Thanks for hint.

I am aware of exiftool and possible ways to use it.



a) it is far away from the effective way (one time conversion is nice, I can imagine do it in batch, but does not solve the workflow - then I have to do this again and again after each change in photo manually)

b) Lightroom already use previews, so I'm checking if Daminion is supporting it somehow - or if anybody has the solution already - I can't be first who need to solve this :)


I want to continue in using Lightroom for photo advancements and switch to Daminion for management.


I can imagine some advanced batch jobs watching changed files in folder and adding previews on the background :) But thats the last thing I want to do.

I expect that Daminion authors had to thaught about this or some more advanced users had to solved it already. I hope.

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