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No Thumbnails For Layered TIFF FIles


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I am running version 5.8.0 of Daminion Client and am noting that it does not seem to generate thumbnails for layered TIFF files saved from Photoshop. All PSD files (one or more layers) render thumbnails perfectly, but if a file saved from Photoshop in TIFF format has more than one layer Daminion will not render a thumbnail. The Broken Chain/Damaged icon is displayed instead.


I don't find any discussion of layered TIFF files in the documentation. Is this intended behavior, or am I missing something.




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The issue appears to be more than just the thumbnail. These files are unreadable in Daminion, e.g. they will not display in full view mode either. Also, I have TIFF files saved earlier from Photoshop which display thumbs and full views just fine. If I re-save one of those files from Photoshop now, it is no longer readable by Daminion.


Photoshop Classic CC, Release 19.1.4




And after more extensive troubleshooting on the issue...


Daminion seems to read layered PSD files just fine. It's the TIFFs that are causing a problem. And it's only certain types of layers in Photoshop that seem to be causing the problem with TIFFs. If I load a new raw image to Photoshop and immediately save it as a TIFF, Daminion reads that TIFF just fine. If I then add an adjustment layer (say, a Photo Filter, for example) and resave the TIFF, Daminion still reads it with those two layers just fine. If I then duplicate the background layer (original image) in PS and use the SPOT HEALING BRUSH tool in some way, for example, and resave the TIFF file, Daminion will no longer read the file and now presents the Broken Chain/Damaged icon. And it's not the three layers causing the issue- it's the SPOT HEALING BRUSH layer that blows it up.


What's even more puzzling is:


(1) I have layered TIFF files created a while back that Daminion is reading just fine. If, however, I simply resave one of them in Photoshop today Daminion will no longer read that TIFF, and

(2) If I, instead, simply save one of those TIFFs as a PSD file today, Daminion will read the PSD just fine.


Has Adobe messed with Photoshop's TIFF file format in the last year?

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With the recent update release, I was hopeful that this issue with loading TIFF files was going to be finally resolved. As you can see, I opened this issue last summer and learned at the time that it was a known issue already having your attention. I've been disappointed to find that the issue remains with the recent update.


Unable to load TIFF files (in Daminion standalone in my case) saved from more recent versions of Photoshop is crippling.


I'd like to understand what the plan is for addressing this problem since this update has not addressed it so that I can make appropriate decisions for my workflow future. I can't imaging not having the Daminion platform for DAM, but not being able to manage TIFF files is unsustainable.


Best regards,


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