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1755 - Check out & Edit with


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I've expected that the item (Check out & Edit with) is locked for any changes until it is checked in. This doesn't work.

1. select a TIF item and the action "Check out & Edit with" (Photoshop)

2. asked for the folder of the check out file

3. file is open in PS

4. e.g. add a location tag to this TIF item in the Properties Panel - this works. I've expected to get an error message that the file is checked out. In "Version Control" of the item it is "Checked out to me".

5. the location tag is in the metadata of the TIF file

6. exit file in PS

7. check in the file

8. there isn't the just entered location tag in the TIF file but still in the Properties Panel

9. action "Read tags from file" removes the location tag in the Properties Panel

I'll send a recorded video to you by Skype.

To avoid such a inconsistency between catalog and metadata of the file a file with status "checked out" has to be locked for any action until it is checked in.

Regards, Uwe

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