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Explanations of search terms?


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Looked thru the Daminion Help concerning searching. Did not find the answers I was looking for.


Curious if there is a page somewhere with a short explanation/description of how each search field works/functions?


For example, I am searching for certain folders that start with Train_


(There are many folders that start with Train_, such as





I want to find all of them, so I selected folders, picked "Starts with" and input "Train_" (Without the parentheses)

Search came back empty! O_0


Should I change my search term to "Contains", then I get all kinds of folders that don't even have trains in as the search is returning folders that also have "_" in their name. I understand that..


However, I cannot figure what definition the "Starts with" is looking/wanting.


If there was a short explanation of how the different search terms/choices work, it would help me be able to build my searches more efficiently, as I am guessing wildly as to how certain of the fields work/compute their results..


Thank you! :-)

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