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Need to Search with BOTH "And" & "Or" queries


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Looked thru the forums and help pages. Did not see anything relating to this query..


I am attempting to search. (Posted link to screenshot sample below..forum site didn't seem to like jpeg files..)



It pretty much works for what I need UNTIL I put in the SCRAMBLED query. It currently looks like I only get to choose AND or OR for the entire thread of whichever category I am searching..in this case keywords.


I tried holding a variety of ALT,CTRL keys while choosing between AND/OR to see if there was a secret shortcut I don't know about yet, but no joy on that.


Right now, as soon as I place the SCRAMBLED keyword search in there, it pulls up my entire catalog. Not helpful. :'(


If I could put an AND instead of OR for the SCRAMBLED term.....unless someone has discovered a workaround for this. I get that Daminion has some different search methods,, I just have not figured out the method for using both AND & OR in the same catalog search string.



PS..just did another search, and soon as I put in a NOT EQUALS into the search chain, it throws back my entire collection as the result

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Hi Julius,


Daminion only allows to use either OR, or AND within one tag. Both AND and OR can be used only if searching across multiple tags.




Thank you Daria, for getting that info to me. My search parameters have been updated. :-)

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