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Another tool for checking the tags


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Daminion writes all tags (with few exceptions) into the media files, so that the metadata is also available outside Daminion. In Daminion there is no facility to verify if the metadata in the media items is the same as is in the Daminion database. DamCompare.py solves this problem by reporting inconsistencies in metadata for Daminion server and standalone catalogs. Inconsistencies can arise either by changing metadata in image file outside of Daminion, so the Daminion catalog is not aware of those changes or when changes in Daminion are not completely written into the metadata in the files (like the current Place bug).


The tool is available from GitHub. Comments and questions are welcome either in this forum, as a DM or in the GitHub.


Thanks to Uwe and Wilfried for good input and testing the tool.




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