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Removing Top Item from a Group


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I wanted to reimport the top item of a group. The image didn't have proper camera and lens information, so I manually updated them with the exiftool. As reading the tags doesn't insert the camera information properly (see another thread) I tried to remove the item from the catalog and do rescan folders. The result was, that the image was removed, but Daminion client crashed without any messages.


The top item was also linked to some of the underlying images. When I restarted the client, there was wrong link count, when I clicked the "chain" icon. When I wanted to see where the item was linked to, Daminion showed an empty list and reset the counter to 0. (Addition: The "where the item is linked to" counter is not updated even when Daminion doesn't crash.)




PS. I have sent the log to support email

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