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Question on Publishing


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I am a new user, just purchased/installed HomeServer 5.0 (1623). I have been exploring the features and have a question on Publishing.


I have not been able to figure out how to configure it. Reading the "Secrets of Daminion" PDF, it looks like I should see a Publishing Services drop down in the Publish pane, though my Publishing pane is blank other than a header and search field with <Filter Tags> displayed (not sure what this is for in regards to Publishing). Right clicking anywhere in this pane does not seem to do anything.


Also I notice that even though I can display the Publish window, the check mark does not display when I go back to the Window pull down menu (like the other panels).




I am doing something wrong, an installation issue, perhaps a bug, or is Publish not available in the HomeServer version?


Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Hi gerlin,


I confirm that there is a minor glitch with the Publish panel. I've registered this issue (#4565)


Please try to do the following:

- close the catalog and open it again, then display the Publish panel

- Go to the Tags panel > Click the little gear icon > Select Customize > Scroll donw to Custom tag> Check Publishing services


Hope this helps (at least, in my case it worked :))


Kind regards,


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