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High CPU usage


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Hi all,

I have a question about server performance. I am running V 5.0.0 1623

This is a new build, we have a single catalog of ~370K items


Our server is a 2012 R2 VM with 12GB ram and 4 cores on a Xeon E5-2643 v3 @ 3.4GHz

All of the storage is on an Dell equallogic array (fully SSD)


When browsing photos we notice ~90% CPU usage on the server, performance in the client is OK. However if we migrate the server VM to an older server Xeon X5670 @2.93GHz it really tanks.


I'm concerned that with almost the best hardware we can throw at the system, with multiple users browsing the catalogue at the same time we're going to run into performance issues.


I've confirmed that the postgres config is as recommended.

Disk activity is quite low and CPU activity seems split between Daminion server and postgres services


Does anyone have any performance tips?



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Hi Alex,


Could you please cralify some details?


- What file types are managed?

- What client is used to browse the files - web client or desktop client?

- How many users are connected simultaneously?

- Would it be possible to send us the log files recorded with this high CPU load? It's Daminion Admin Panel > Administration > Show logs > Logs Folder > Select a folder of your database


You can reply me to daria/at/daminion/dot/net


Kind regards,


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