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long file / foldernames - 260 character limit


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I have the problem of having a photo collection where the author did put the tag categories in the folder names (on mac ) and so produced such long folder names that Daminion Client is not able to see all the photos in the folder structure, apparently due to character length limitations.




I read this long file/folder names exceed the character limit of the win32 API, so it is not a filesystem problem, NTFS can deal with such long filenames, but win32 applications cannot.



As stated here,


This limitation can now be removed.


Now my question would be if Daminion already handles more than 260 characters file/folder Length if limitations removed.


I have tried with latest client running on windows 7, and in Parallels (also windows 7), there limitations happen (Daminion is not able to detect all pictures in the sub-folders. If I copy all of them out into another folder, it reads them happily)


If this is not possible (yet), it would be nice to retain the folder structure and have a practical solution to import the photos with as little overhead work as possible, as it are 100 000+ ;-)

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Hi Dariuss,


When you import your files into the catalog there is an option to copy them into a new destination folder and create sub-folders (e.g. based on year-month-day) and rename the files. Also import can create categories from your folder names, when you tick the box. Would that work?


Another possibility would be to use ExifTool to do move the files and assign the tags.



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