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SSL... How ?


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I had a first try of web client and it looks great. I appreciated the easy install of Web client with Daminion 5. However, nowadays it is necessary to use SSL (https) when accessing local web server from the outside. How do you do that with Daminion Web Client ? I suppose, one of the main interest of the web client is the access from outside, so how to secure that ? Usually I am using Linux systems, I have no idea how to do that with IIS, I suggest you create a tutorial about it.



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While I was also wondering if buying SSL is the right thing or not then I googled it and found it useful to secure communication and data. But after I was looking for a better at cheaper one, then I found https://cheapsslweb.com/essentialssl it costs me around $10 per year. Also I got modern CA like https://certera.com/ssl/comodo/comodo-essential-ssl but Its price was $20 :-)

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