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Image Analysis


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Hi Murat and Team,


Like many users, I spend tons of time manually reviewing my images and assigning tags to them... And it's a lot of work... And it's not fun... And while your application makes it easier than others...


I'm very intrigued by this offering from Google: Google Vision API - Image Contents Analysis


You can scan 1,000 images a month for free and it will try to determine their contents for you. And you can pay a little money to do a lot more images (even if you apply all seven detection mechanisms to your images, you'd pay less than a penny per image ($1.50 X 6 = $9 per 1000 images = $0.009 per image) to get them automatically reviewed by their software (at the most expensive rate).


I'd be very interested in this if those efforts were then embedded in my image data, like Daminion already does.


Anyone else love this idea?





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the idea itself and to have this option in Daminion is very good BUT I would never give my private photos outside my internal network. I'll never trust Google in this case. I'll spend the time with the photos and the rememberance when they were taken etc...

Regards, Uwe

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Daminion still haven't got Face Recognition yet which is the basic version of Image Analysis, it be quite a few years if ever until Daminion get image analysis.


If you are a savvy guy enough or can pay someone with a programming skill, there is a few free and opensource image analysis that is similar to Google. Google probably use some of the code or write a similar type.


One of them is: tensorflow, there is also few others but I can't remember its name. You can search for it yourself if you want to go further.


If you find other services that does these image recognition, chances are it basically, "You upload image to our server, then our server will run these tool on your image".


Currently all these tools are usually run in Python code and there is no GUI, it all commandline so I can't help you any further. I'm hoping someone build a useable GUI so I can just run it overnight on all my images.

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