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Error opening shared catalog "Invalid password or username "HomeServer"..."


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I am attempting to setup a new Daminion Home server with a shared catalog pointing to out family picture collection on a NAS box (storage scheme A). I can create the catalog using the Server Administrator, but whenever I try to open that shared catalog in the client, I get an error box stating:


Invalid password or username "HomeServer"

<and lots more detail, see attached image file for it all>


I found a mention of this error in the forums here, but the solution given (remove license, add admin user, add back license) didn't resolve the problem for me.


I do notice the word "admin" in the error message. Does the Daminion server require an admin user named "admin"? Is there a default password that user should have? I didn't see any place in the client install where user names were specified.


As far as I can tell, at this point the server knows nothing about the remote NAS filesystemm so I don't believe that permissions to access that filesystem are an issue at this point. This is just a permission problem of the client accessing the server, or actually, the catalog info on the server, right?


Daminion 4.6.0 (build 1481)

Host OS: Win7 Pro Sp1 64bit


Any other information required? Any suggestions what to try next?


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