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Duplicate display


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I knew I had a lot of duplicates in my catalog, and after starting Daminion standalone, I can see their thumbnails, but with so many of my images differing only in some small details, it is not very easy to sort out one group of duplicates from another.


Is there some way to modify the background color for each group Daminion considers as duplicates

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Can you please send me 2 similar images that are treated as duplicates. So I can reproduce it on me PC.

Since the images I am working with are related to genealogy, some people covered by the data might object, but I can attach a screenshot. From it it it should be clear what I am concerned about.

Similarly adding some duplicates to a test catalog should show the 'problem'


On close inspection, thumbnails 1 & 2 are different from 3 & 4 and from 7 & 8, but one really has to look closely to notice these small differences.


Clearly, not all thumbnails shown are duplicates of each other, but only of some. Highlighting which thumbnails make up a group of duplicates, is what I was hoping would be possible.


Just a small difference in background shading of the area surrounding the thumbnails would be a great help


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I could give you more precise info if can access to original photos but from what I could see on your screenshot there are image duplicates that are displayed by pairs.



Daminion compares hash codes of image thumbnails to treat them as duplicates and ignores metadata part of files. Then display them by sorting by file size (in most cases duplicate files have identical file sizes and displayed in sequence.

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Yes, they are adjacent, but it takes very close inspection to identify which 'pairs' belong together.

Grouping them with one group of duplicates per 'line' or row in the display would help, but is a bit extreme.

And, I do understand the comparison criteria for duplicates, but ...


What I would prefer is marking each set of duplicates with, say, alternating background shading (such as Zebra stripping in some hex editors), for each 'pair/group', especially since the algorithm can mark as "duplicates" files with different file names etc.


Most of these images come off a single roll of microfilm and were taken in succession, almost automatically, with very little apparent visual difference, particularly on a thumbnail, but quite different data on each frame. Some have been renamed, and as it is, the 'title' line at the bottom pretty well runs together from one 'frame' to another, so it does not help distinguish between duplicates and different thumbnails

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