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  1. Even after a cold reboot today, the menu item is disabled and pressing F6 does nothing I can see. See the attached file
  2. A file in a catalog was renamed by an external editor. But the 'Rescan' menu item is disabled - even after an exit and restart. I'm using a local catalog. How do I proceed?
  3. dimbulb

    Moving a catalog

    Thank you, Uwe The catalog is local, but, unfortunately, the files are not in the same tree as the catalog file
  4. After I created my last catalog, I now would prefer to have it located in a different place in my directory tree. Can it be moved and what would be the process? Which files need to be moved together? What, if anything do I need to do to 'update' everything to the new location?
  5. My display option is set to 'list' only. No icons, not thumbnails. And the files are all local. It is a directory tree with most of my graphic file as well as other support files, including some backups as I was trying to sort out some 'duplicates' issue - making sure I carried at least one copy in my 'master'. The only way I seemed to be able to resolve this problem and make the scanning and display happen in a reasonably quick way was to move part of the directory tree out into another. So perhaps it is not tied to Daminion only, though I suspect my trying a couple of different image managers is part of the problem. It seems each one builds its own set of thumbnails which then clutter up the disk and in effect, each one nearly doubles the number of files in the tree. Removing the test app does not necessarily clean up all of the extra files left behind :-( I doubt that the problem is related to auto-sync since the scanning takes just as long when Daminion is not even .running
  6. That would be within Daminion? But, the problem is not in Daminion, it is in Win 10. Opening the base directory where the graphics file are in File Explorer can take almost 5 minutes :-(
  7. After running Daminion and including a rather large directory tree with images, it seems that now Win 10 File Explorer takes minutes to display the contents, compared to seconds prior to including the tree in Daminion. Any reasons for this? Any 'fixes'? Would removing a folder tree from Daminion remove all extra files, if any added as part of including the tree in Daminion?
  8. But that does not work within, say, Categories when it is expanded. Is the only way to delete and insert in proper sequence? and what happens to images already assigned to tags which are 'moved in the hierarchy? Or, what about export/import of sub-categories? -----edit After working with Daminion Categories for a bit, I realized that even though the newly inserted sub-category was inserted at the bottom of its siblings, it turns out that if I close D and restart, the siblings are now sorted. Shutting down & restarting is a bit more work, but it'll do for now
  9. @ Daria Thank you, Daria. That does what I wanted, though I had not seen any reference to this capability. @Jacal Thank you. I had found that dialog, but it only allows movement within each group. What I was after was to order the top level groups.
  10. Is there any way to sort tag groups listed in the right hand 'Tags' panel, at least for those groups which can be modified by the user? Right now I have People Place Events Categories Keywords Project Authors Copyrights Collections having them sorted alphabetically or?? would make it easier to find labels which are not used frequently Authors Categories Collections Copyrights Events Keywords People Place Project Allowing users to set the sequence would even be better yet, just as one can set sequence of items within each group in the preset customization dialog
  11. Yes, they are adjacent, but it takes very close inspection to identify which 'pairs' belong together. Grouping them with one group of duplicates per 'line' or row in the display would help, but is a bit extreme. And, I do understand the comparison criteria for duplicates, but ... What I would prefer is marking each set of duplicates with, say, alternating background shading (such as Zebra stripping in some hex editors), for each 'pair/group', especially since the algorithm can mark as "duplicates" files with different file names etc. Most of these images come off a single roll of microfilm and were taken in succession, almost automatically, with very little apparent visual difference, particularly on a thumbnail, but quite different data on each frame. Some have been renamed, and as it is, the 'title' line at the bottom pretty well runs together from one 'frame' to another, so it does not help distinguish between duplicates and different thumbnails
  12. dimbulb

    Version control

    Being new to Daminion, I am still trying to work out a work flow for myself, so that I can keep track of the origin of my data, which is particularly important, in case I have to backtrack, hence the emphasis on version control. My experiments show, that each checkout leaves a new copy of the full file in the history, even changes in metadata only 2 possible scenarios for which keeping track of file name changes would be beneficial. 1) Instead of adding metadata, someone added a fair bit of identifying information to some of the file names; these very long file names now pose a problem, especially when backing up to CD/DVDs. 2) when getting copies of microfilm frames, the files are usually numbered sequentially Keeping track of the 'origin' of the current file would be helpful. One way would be to add such information to the metadata, but then I see problems with the current algorithm Daminion seems to use, using only image data for duplicate comparison. Changing the metadata seems to create both 'duplicates', as well as a sequence of 'versions'. I suppose then after a backup I have to delete some of the history and start over? Because I would like to retain as much of the original scan resolution with the files I am working with, they are rather large (MBs of PNG files - possibly I will have to investigate lossless jpegs) Keeping too many older versions will gradually increase the backup requirement significantly, because we don't just record differences. Once I have done a backup, I would like to trim the history of say the last 2 - ? versions to keep things manageable both in current size of my data as well as the ability to go back if I really need to. I hope my explanation is helpful?
  13. Since the images I am working with are related to genealogy, some people covered by the data might object, but I can attach a screenshot. From it it it should be clear what I am concerned about. Similarly adding some duplicates to a test catalog should show the 'problem' On close inspection, thumbnails 1 & 2 are different from 3 & 4 and from 7 & 8, but one really has to look closely to notice these small differences. Clearly, not all thumbnails shown are duplicates of each other, but only of some. Highlighting which thumbnails make up a group of duplicates, is what I was hoping would be possible. Just a small difference in background shading of the area surrounding the thumbnails would be a great help
  14. I knew I had a lot of duplicates in my catalog, and after starting Daminion standalone, I can see their thumbnails, but with so many of my images differing only in some small details, it is not very easy to sort out one group of duplicates from another. Is there some way to modify the background color for each group Daminion considers as duplicates
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